Podcast – Episode 1 – Russ Scheider on Real Estate Investing and a Peaceful Life

Russ and Natalie Photo

Russ Scheider (@RussScheider) is a real estate investor and business owner in Charleston, SC.  He was a general contractor for years until he and his wife, Natalie, started their own real estate investing company, which they continue to run very successfully to this day.  Russ and Natalie have designed a business where they each have their specialties, all the while hiring virtual assistants and other services to help scale their business and reduce redundant activity.  They can be found at: http://charlestonallcashhomebuyers.com/ or at 843-856-1440.

Russ and I cover many topics in this conversation, including:

  • Morning rituals
  • Marketing for real estate deals
  • Outsourcing to virtual assistants
  • How to not get burned during construction
  • Beliefs that propel him to success
  • Systems he implements to keep the business growing

Please enjoy!

Episode 1 – Russ Scheider Interview