Roby Seed is a husband and father of four boys, and an entrepreneur based in Charleston, South Carolina.  He currently runs three companies: Trubild, a property management company which specializes in multifamily properties including mobile home parks and apartments, but also manages single family homes; Apple, a construction and maintenance company; and multiple investment companies holding many multifamily and single family properties.

Growing up in Northern California, Roby worked in construction for his father building custom homes in the beautiful Sea Ranch, CA community. At a young age, he was taught good work ethics, including: honesty, hard work, and following through on promises and deadlines.  Additionally, Roby’s mother, a librarian at the local Point Arena High School, made sure that academics and learning were always a top priority.

While in college, he obtained two bachelors degrees in both Landscape Architecture and Managerial Economics.  Both degrees have been the backbone of his professional life, which began first as a land planner and landscape architect at O’Dell Engineering in Modesto, CA, http://www.odellengineering.com/ which designed and developed thousands of single and multifamily residences in the Central Valley of California.  This was Roby’s first exposure to the entitlement process of changing zoning, land planning, and obtaining building permits from government agencies.  This included presentations to City boards and councils, conducting workshops on the developments, working hand in hand with the developer and the Cities.

While at O’Dell Engineering, he was also trained in civil engineering and surveying, which were key aspects of each development.  This is where Roby learned how to detail out all construction costs in painstaking detail for every aspect of construction.  In addition, designing the infrastructure, such as drainage, sewer, water, pad layout, grading, road design and layout, and home design and layout were all parts of Roby’s daily workload.  This knowledge base became an excellent foundation for future business.

Following his work at O’Dell Engineering, Roby went on to become a Design Associate at Kyle Phillips Golf Course Design (KPGCD) in Granite Bay, CA http://www.kylephillips.com/  from 2007 to 2013, and still works closely with Kyle to this day.  Working with Kyle was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be exposed to the most exclusive developments in the World, which also included working on some of the best golf courses in the World as well.  Going from the engineering background of moderate to medium sized developments in the Central Valley to some of the largest, multi billion dollar developments in places such as Yas Links Abu Dhabi, where they created an ocean coastline out of the desert, and now have the #1 ranked course in the Middle East: Yas Links, which is accompanied by a Ferrari F1 race track, hotels, yacht club and residential development and projects in China, South Korea, Scotland, Europe, England the United States, Africa and many more countries.  To see a list of golf courses, visit: http://www.kylephillips.com/courses/

In 2013, Roby and his wife Beth, decided to launch a new career in Real Estate Investing, which has been a very successful choice.  Starting from just one simple single family home flip, they now own hundreds of residential units.  In addition, they launched their property management company, Trubild, shortly after, which has been able to not only manage their own properties, but it’s been able to manage many other units for other investors as well, and at the time of this writing, manages approximately 500 units.

When Roby started investing, he first chased the fix and flip deals, but quickly realized that having a feast or famine experience can be stressful, and he quickly evolved into mastering the art of property management, renting and buy and hold real estate.  Pulling from training in college from Roby’s Real Estate Professors, and their experience owning thousands of units in the Sacramento and Davis markets in California, he was able to properly analyze deals for profitability.  Continuing his education, he has trained under folks such as Sue Nelson, who owns thousands of apartment units, Frank Rolf, who owns thousands of mobile home park units, and other personal friends who own thousands of units in the Silicon Valley in San Francisco and Charleston, South Carolina.  Being that he lives in Charleston, South Carolina where 20% of the population lives in manufactured homes, he has decided to focus and become an expert in manufactured housing, specifically mobile home parks, as well as apartments, where returns are very stable, and the potential to force appreciate properties at scale is much greater than with single family homes.

Examples of deals done include a 68 unit mobile home park in North Charleston which only had 40% occupancy when beginning, and now is 98.5% full and is worth double what it was when beginning.  Another park was a 37 unit mobile home park in the Charleston area, which occupancy has been increased by 10% and value has been increased over $100,000 in less than one year.  Another mobile home park recently worked on has already been taken from 40% occupancy to over 60% occupancy, revenue more than doubled, and overall value tripled in 3 months.  Additionally, Roby has helped create deals for investors, such as a 75 unit deal he facilitated for an investor, and now manages, where revenue has been increased from $15,000 per month to approximately $32,000 per month in one year.  The value of the overall deal has more than doubled.

Roby loves finding deals, helping others, and finding ways to optimize the performance of assets.  He would love to help you too.


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