Podcast – Episode 2 – Tom Merrifield

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In this episode, I interview Tom Merrifield (http://www.sc-homesolutions.com/) who is a successful businessman and real estate investor.  Tom was a trooper for this interview as he suffered broken ribs from a bike accident the day prior and didn’t cancel the interview.

Tom is originally from California, but lived in German for 23 years up until 3 years ago, when he moved back to the states in Charleston, South Carolina.  His primary career while in Europe was Pharmaceuticals, which he still has a business in; additionally, he has built a real estate portfolio very quickly since moving back to the states, and is constantly testing and growing his businesses.

You can find more about Tom and his real estate business at:


Tom and I cover many topics in this conversation, including:

  • Software and marketing methods
  • How to grow a business
  • Using systems to grow

Please enjoy!

Episode 2 – Tom Merrifield