Episode 3 – Matt Gough – Product Market Alignment and Business Success

Matthew-Gough (2)
Matt Gough is my guest for episode #3 of The Roby Seed Show. Matt is the founder and Chief Echovater of Echovate, a social intelligence platform that aligns employers and individuals, institutions and students to successful outcomes. Matt is not only a serial entrepreneur but has also acted as a mentor for startups among other things. In this episode we covered product and market alignment, how to make yourself obsolete in your business, and how starting a business is easy but finishing is hard.
With his latest venture, Echovate, Matt has developed a SAAS company which benefits reach far beyond just monetary growth personally, his product is revolutionizing the way we think about aligning the natural human tendencies of employers and employees as well as colleges and students, and many other fields.  It takes a holistic approach to each individual, far beyond a test score.
One of the things that really impresses me with Matt is his certainty of the outcome he desires.  We can all learn from this mindset: that to reach our goals, we must have faith and certainty in it’s outcome, and an unwavering focus on seeing it to it’s fulfillment, regardless of any short term setbacks.  In addition, Matt has read just about every business book under the sun, and shares his insights with us on this episode.
Matt and I met via our children, go figure, through various preschool functions. In our conversation today you will immediately sense how Matt’s personal drive, business creativity and laser focus have been key to his success.
Connect with Matt directly, go here.
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